Lutes Vegas A South Bronx native has hip hop running through his veins. Since his freshman year of high school he has been composing complex lyrics and disposing of competition. Along his journey he co founded a music group known as SOS or "Signs Of Success". He continued his musical career on more of a solo path but never letting any one forget his team. About two years ago Lutes crossed paths with Lp the owner and founder of BiggBoy Management. After seeing Lutes performance and taking note of his drive and passion for the game Lutes and BiggBoy Management ended up joining forces and building a bridge much stronger then either of them could imagine. They have gone through things as a team in two short years that some artist may never get to experience, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Meeting with label, studio sessions with platinum/Grammy winning producer, and performances in several states other then and including there home town, the music mecca New York City. Lutes is focused and ready to put in the work to be catapulted into superstar status. One day at a time he strives to become the best at his craft. He has much recognition from his peers and a steady growing fan base. Lutes Vegas is the beginning of the future !